What is GRAPE?

GRAPE stands for Gravitational Relationships And Popularity Emulator :)

Add people you know (friends, classmates, co-workers) and specify how much they like each other. Then watch...

GRAPE can also be a useful tool for managers, teachers, and everyone else who need to analyze group dynamics.

What is "popularity"?

Popular people are those who attract others. In GRAPE popularity measures distance from one person to all the rest in the room. If no one can get closer, it reaches the maximum of 10 points. If no one can get farther away, it bottoms at -10.

How do you calculate "happiness"?

If you like someone, and that person is close, you feel better. If this person is in the opposite corner, you feel worse. Similarly, if you find yourself near a person you detest, it reduces your happiness, while if he or she is far away, your mood quickly improves.

Why shuffle?

There can be more than one equilibrium in complex systems. Like in real life, chance plays an important role.

How does it work?

HTML5, JavaScript, and a lot of trigonometry. If you are still in school, don't skip your math classes!

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One day I was thinking about my classmates, and an idea came to my mind. In any group some people want to be close, while others do not get along. If we put this group into a closed space (e.g. classroom or office), each person will try to find the most comfortable spot. It's easy to analyze relations between two or three people, but in larger groups it quickly gets complicated.

So I envisioned a tool that would visualize group dynamics. It was many years ago...

I built this app for my sons, and we had great time playing with it. I hope you will enjoy it too.

Andrei Volgin

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Welcome to Gravitational Relationships and Popularity Emulator!

Add your friends, classmates or co-workers, and watch...

The fun starts after you add the second person, and it gets more interesting as you add more.

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